Sunday, May 9, 2010

Welcome to "Best Thing Ever"

Hello, famous cartoonist Knave Murdok here, and welcome to my music blog.
So what is it that makes this famous cartoonist think he knows squat about music?
Well, for starters, I listen to it! Like, almost all the time! In fact, I've been listening to music ever since I was a lad of 5! I was probably listening to it even before then, but not REALLY listening to it. So minus those first 5 years, that's 20 years of experience I have! two decades! That's a 5th of a century! Hot damn do i ever rock. Well anyway, I'll be reviewing music of all kinds, of all genres, from all era, from all countries.
Most of my reviews are based on my opinions, and my opinions are based on my experiences with the music. I'm not one of those music theory guys who's gonna dissect the chord progression. I'm not one of those music historians who's gonna tell you why an album is important because it was the first to do this and that, and inspired this and that. I'm not one of those tech guys who's gonna pick apart the production quality and the studio work. And above all, I refuse to be a genre fascist! Alternative and classic rock will be reviewed side by side, pop-punk and original punk will be shown the same respect, nu metal and hardcore will share the spotlight with metal, Kanye West and the rest of hip hop will have to get along for a little while, country, blues, jazz and classical will come face to face with emo, trip hop, indie and Japanese glam rock. I'll even go as far as to review soundtracks for films, TV shows, cartoons and videogames, because even they deserve a place on the stage of history.
This blog will be updated as often as possible, because I feel like I have tons to say :)
I'm ordering the reviews chronologically, or at least as best I can. If I discover an album from the past, and it's place in the chronology has already passed, I will make a point backtrack so it gets it's fair share. I'm all about democracy.
Please be staying tuned for reviews coming soon.

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